ICF Applications

Rhodipor Ecobuild is a structurally versatile building system that can be used in any building sector.

High speed of construction allowing early building occupation, high insulating properties meaning lower operating costs achieving quicker payback, and flexibility in design is just some of the reason why Rhodipor Ecobuild is becoming an established modern method of construction in the following areas of use:


  • Used for single residences to large scale housing developments
  • Can receive varying finishes
  • Used to build extensions to existing residences or form part of a retrofit strategy to existing structures including barns, sheds and other conversions
  • Used to build basements in tight sites to form habitable spaces or garages
  • Used for private swimming pools
  • Used to meet or exceed building regulation standards up to PassivHaus
  • Used in conjunction with post and beam construction methods including Oak Frame and SIPS to form vaulted ceilings.
  • Utilised by self-builders as well as contractors

Social Housing

  • Provide families living in affordable housing lower heating costs through increased insulation.
  • As part of our dedication to embrace access to work we have commenced the development of a site awareness and building training scheme.


  • Used in the building of hospitals and health care establishments, high insulation levels reducing operating costs.
  • Provides environments that can be climate controlled.

Education and Leisure

  • Multi storey construction
  • Reduced lead in times ensure the build process starts when needed
  • Reduced sound levels through a building