Rhodipor Ecobuild History

German invented Rhodipor Ecobuild has been in use throughout Europe since the early 1980’s. Developed as an affordable form of basement construction the systems high insulating properties meant it was outperforming above ground wall constructions of the time.

Subsequently Rhodipor Ecobuild was adopted as a full structural walling system and has been implemented in the construction of new dwellings, apartment blocks, leisure facilities, sports halls, swimming pools and factories.

Since Rhodipor Ecobuild’s inception over ten thousand properties have been built to date throughout Europe whilst demand in the UK has been slow.

The Milton Keynes Energy Expo became the first site for a Rhodipor Ecobuild home in the UK in 1986. The ‘chalet’ type aesthetic of the development which included a basement formed a focal point of the expo. Feedback from general visitors, technical establishments including the NHBC was encouraging. All understood the core principles of greater thermal efficiency, thermal mass in controlling heat, air tight construction and speed of build, yet UK builders remained sceptical.




Coverage of the Expo by the BBC’s ‘Tomorrows World’ declared Rhodipor Ecobuild as the death of the construction industry should it be adopted. The assumed deskilling of the UK workforce in building a better quality of property has not happened as predicted but the need for better quality buildings has.

Demand for thermally efficient properties is continually expanding with people wanting a better standard, and greater value for money. To date the product that appeared on ‘tomorrow’s world’ has never changed and yet it still exceeds the current statutory building regulations.

Buildings regulations remain complex, the need to meet increased government targets intensifies and increasing fuel bills has seen energy efficient construction brought to the forefront. Clients are now becoming construction aware of how they want to build, live and work within properties and importantly the immediate and long terms costs of doing so. Fortunately for Rhodipor Ecobuild the solution remains the same, whilst expectations are increasing.

A general note:

A review of the Expo property sold in 2004 showed that the prices were tending to be 3% higher than that of the surrounding commercially built properties of an equivalent size.