The Panels

RHODIPOR ECOBUILD Insulated Concrete Forms consist of two lightweight panels of expanded polystyrene (EPS). The two panels vary in size, the internal panel is set at 50mm thick whilst the external panel thickness is adjusted to achieve the required u-value.


 A U-value is a measure of heat loss in a building element such as a wall, floor or roof. It can also be referred to as an ‘overall heat transfer co-efficient’ and measures how well parts of a building transfer heat. The higher the U value the worse the thermal performance of the building envelope. A low U-value usually indicates high levels of insulation. This is a useful way to predicting the composite behaviour of an entire building element rather than relying on the properties of individual materials.

The panel thickness’s that are currently offered are:

  • BS01 thickness    54mm
  • BS40 thickness  100mm
  • BS47 thickness  200mm
  • BS49 thickness 300mm

All panels are of the same dimensions longitudinally, height, and fixings locations ensuring consistency throughout the walling no matter which panel is used. Other elements are available to supplement the RHODIPOR ECOBUILD system ensuring a quality build.

An example of the basic panel dimensions is shown below on the BS01 element below. The panels are always, 1000mm in length, 250mm in height, cut locations for openings are always 125mm centres.




RHODIPOR ECOBUILD wall system achieves 8 wall construction elements with one product:

  1. A concrete form system to receive concrete
  2. A highly structural walling system
  3. Insulated barrier to the natural elements
  4. Air tight construction
  5. Vapour barrier
  6. Interior and exterior walls to recieve finishes
  7. No thermal bridges
  8. Structural elements cast in situ in to the forms

Eight key construction features in one product eliminates costly building steps, and allows the building project to be constructed faster and more efficiently.

For those that are perhaps unfamiliar with insulated concrete form systems using RHODIPOR ECOBUILD for the first time, you will find several features that appear to simple, and you will consider why is this not more widely adopted in the UK! all clients and builders ask this when undertaking there first build.