The System

First brought to the market in the early 1980’s Rhodipor Ecobuild is one of the oldest ICF wallform systems. Developed as an affordable form of basement construction the systems high insulating properties meant it was outperforming above ground wall constructions of the time, and to date is still the right choice for today’s complex design challenges.

When simplicity trumps complexity RHODIPOR ECOBUILD instantly separates itself from other concrete forming products, often copied but yet to be bettered.

RHODIPOR ECOBUILDS heritage is now being understood by designers, engineers, and contractors as the simple approach to both residential and commercial building construction.

As an energy efficient building solution, and a means to deliver buildings faster, RHODIPOR ECOBUILD is an approach to construction that outperforms most other conventional wall types.

RHODIPOR ECOBUILD is supplied exclusively through Linton DMC the UK’s licensee and has a dedicated network of personnel, who will advise on every aspect of project execution.