Why Choose Rhodipor Ecobuild

Rhodipor Ecobuild is a panel ICF system. Arriving to site in flat pack form the system is then assembled. Alternative ICF systems are either ‘block’ or ‘transformer’ types and are pre-assembled.

The benefit Rhodipor Ecobuild as a panel system is the stack-ability, and in turn cost savings in transportation.

To put this in physical terms of space saving. The standard ‘core’ width in which the concrete is poured on block systems as well as Rhodipor Ecobuild is generally 150mm.

This means for every single ICF block transported by other manufacturers we can include either:

Triple the amount of internal panels


One and a half 100mm thick external panels

Per ICF block

Should the core be increased for below ground applications i.e. basements, the transport volume for a block manufacturer increases.

The core of the Rhodipor Ecobuild system can be effortlessly adjusted for basement construction without impacting on transportation volume.

On site there is less storage space required, and placing the material closer to the work in hand becomes an advantage rather than a hindrance.

When forming junctions with Rhodipor Ecobuild there is no need to deal with the inner and outer elements of the system only the one to be adjusted.

Vertical joints can be staggered throughout the inside and outside of the wall, to minimise stresses during the pouring of concrete.

Rhodipor Ecobuild is quick to build with. The system has been developed to utilise the least number of parts to achieve a structurally sound and thermally efficient building.

Each Rhodipor Ecobuild element has measure and cut guides on the face of the element so there is no requirement for a tape measure.

Building with Rhodipor Ecobuild we aim to achieve a zero waste. Only material required is unpacked, with some spare in case of damage and all un-used elements are removed from the works by ourselves so that no product goes to landfill.