Why EPS Forms

RHODIPOR ECOBUILD walls are generated from two elements, the Expanded Polystyrene Forms and the concrete placed between. Both materials are integral to delivering a quality living environment and below explains the use of EPS as the form material.

Expanded polystyrene EPS is a tried and tested product throughout the construction industry. A major insulator in buildings past and present it is the perfect material for the RHODIPOR ECOBUILD forms.

A light weight construction material EPS is effectively 98% air and 2% plastic and is rated in the BRE’s Green Guide to an A+ standard. This is equal to sheep’s wool insulation and better than straw bale.

Don’t just take our word for it see figure below for comparisons.


Non-toxic, chemically inert, non-irritant and rot-proof, fungi and bacteria cannot grow on EPS.

EPS is rodent-proof offering no nutrient attraction to vermin.

Not affected by water being insoluble and non-hygroscopic, any moisture contact will not lead to deterioration of the product or its performance.

At every stage of its life cycle, from production to recovery or recycling, EPS offers exceptional eco-credentials. All manufacturing processes comply with current environmental regulation. EPS uses no greenhouse gas producing materials. It is chemically and environmentally non-aggressive and it can be and is easily recycled.