Reasons to buy ICF

Insulated concrete formwork ‘ICF’ is fast becoming a cost effective construction solution, below is a small list of the advantages:

Energy Efficiency

Rhodipor Ecobuild provides extremely high levels of insulation which means properties can be built to attain current building regulations or surpass to Code Level 6 for sustainable homes and PassivHaus standards.

With a variety of U-values starting from 0.31 to 0.09 W/m²K Rhodipor Ecobuild provides a superior insulating solution for all building types.

Airtight Construction

Less air movement and leakage provides an indoor building environment that is significantly more comfortable, controllable whilst achieving lower energy bills.

Thermal Bridging

Thermal bridging is reduced to nil, given the dual panel insulation forming a continuous wrap around a building, and the detail used to finish the openings in the building envelope.


Rhodipor Ecobuild is manufactured in panel sizes of 1000mm long which are then subdivided in to 125mm modules. Each cut from a panel can be reused elsewhere to minimise wastage and cost to clients.

In response to the environmental impact of concrete many concrete manufacturers utilise recycled aggregates in the construction process.

Peaceful Homes

Rhodipor Ecobuild can provide sound protection to exterior noise up to 47 dB as a basic un-faced wall.

External Finishes

Unlimited external finishes can be used in conjunction with the Rhodipor Ecobuild walling, Render, rain screen cladding, weatherboards and the more traditional brick and stone outer skins to achieve personal tastes and that of the planners.

Room in the Roof

Rhodipor Ecobuild can receive all typical roof constructions including truss rafters and SIPS to provide an open, habitable, warm room in the roof.

Speed of Build

Rhodipor Ecobuild is designed by your designer with help from ourselves, minimising lead in times allowing a sooner start on site.

Delivery is planned to meet your timescales with there being no need for bespoke manufacturing.

Walls are quickly and efficiently constructed allowing follow on trades in to the property sooner reducing labour and plant costs.

Strength of Build

Rhodipor Ecobuild is lightweight to build with, but on completion the building forms a monolithic structure that has the structural integrity to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds.

Technical Support and Engineering Design

Rhodipor Ecobuild is offered with full architectural and engineering support and design services when requested.